All of our standard and miniature poodles are fed a combination of raw diet and premium kibble because we believe that nutrition is a key component to the longevity and the quality of life. They do not eat any by-products, corn, wheat, or soy, and have a low grain diet. The food that we intake as humans directly impacts our lives. A dog is no different. Standard poodles are prone to ear infections due to the deep, dark, hairy ear canals. We have seen that these infections are directly linked to quality and type of food. By feeding a superior diet, we can drastically minimize any ear problems. Also, we see better coats, great energy levels, proper weight, and most of all, poodles that are happy and feeling really good.

Our puppies and adults only receive minimal vaccinations. Over vaccination has been proven to be immunosuppressive and can cause serious and life long damage to our dog's immune system. The veterinary community is finally admitting that annual revaccination is unnecessary and all veterinary schools in the United States are now teaching students the same. Our poodles receive parvo and distemper vaccinations and rabies according to the law. Please research over vaccination in dogs for yourself, or ask us for more information.


The standard poodle gene pool has health risks that need to be heavily considered prior to breeding. Between health screening and careful pedigree analysis we set ourselves up for success. All adults are tested for hip dysplasia using the OFA or Penn Hip method. They receive eye exams by a veterinarian who is board certified by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists. All standard poodle parents also have a complete blood panel analyzed, including thyroid function, to insure that our prospective parents are in good health. We also use the only DNA tests that are currently available for our breed, Von Willebrand's disease and Neonatal Encephalopathy..

The miniature poodle also has health risks that need to be examined prior to breeding. Our miniature poodles receive eye exams by a veterinarian who is board certified by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists. We also use the DNA test for Progressive Retinal Atrophy to ensure that puppies will not ever become affected with this disease. Our miniature poodles are also certified free of Patellar Luxation and Hip Dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals..