about-1 picAt Jaset we have been breeding show, performance and companion poodles since 1996. Although this is a relatively short time, we have achieved great success. All of our puppies live in amazing, loving homes. A few have had wonderful show careers and others have become service dogs.about-2-pic

We believe in the “total package.” Although you may not be interested in showing, your Jaset puppy will have been bred to meet the Breed Standard, will have correct structure and a correct, pleasing temperament. We are small, family oriented breeders, our dogs are our pets and live as such. All dogs are house dogs. Our rural acreage allows for room to run and play outdoors.

about-2-picWe breed for quality, not quantity . Therefore, we will usually have only 1-2 litters a year. These will have been carefully planned and both parents will have all recommended testing. We breed predominantly blacks, but will have white and brown occasionally.about-4 image

Jaset Poodles are located in the High Desert of So. California, just 90 min east of Los Angeles easily accessible by freeway. We invite you to visit, meet us and, of course, the dogs!